11th Avenue: a community rezoning


September 20, 2007 by westsideneighborhoodalliance

WSNA is pushing forward with a community-focused rezoning of 11th Avenue, hoping to stop the proliferation of nightclubs and inappropriate buildings and guarantee that the future of 11th Avenue and nearby streets includes permanent affordable housing.

a community rezoning

Two weeks ago, WSNA members walked the length of 11th Avenue through our neighborhood, surveying existing uses and discussing how to advocate for a zoning that will protect jobs and produce new affordable housing. You can see our findings from the comfort of your own home. Click here to see our nifty map of buildings along 11th Ave. Once inside the webspage, click on any site for details. You can also see our map of the 11th Ave area overlaid with current zoning here.

To get involved in WSNA’s 11th Ave. rezoning campaign, contact Lucas Shapiro at or 212-716-1664.


2 thoughts on “11th Avenue: a community rezoning

  1. Martha Hauze says:

    The work of the WESNA community activists is vital to the stability and live sustaining condition of our neighborhood. It may appear that the nightclub proliferation only affects the 11th avenue residents, but the fact is that the people who are going there have to pass by our streets from the public transportation sites, or by car.
    If they walk up and down, especially after leaving the clubs, the noise, fights and other problems increase in our streets. 47th has changed much since I fist came to the neighborhood three years ago.
    If they arrive by car, it causes traffic increase, pollution and other problems of which we already have more than our fear share.
    Keep up the good work, WESNA activists.

  2. Amazing, I did not know about that till now. Thanks!!

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