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The West Side Neighborhood Alliance is an independent, member-run organization sponsored by Housing Conservation Coordinators that mobilizes West Side residents to take charge of planning our community. We advocate for a diverse, affordable, livable neighborhood that preserves the mixed-income character of today’s West Side, and we work to guarantee that the ongoing development of our neighborhood serves community members of all races, incomes and backgrounds.

To become a member of WSNA, click here.

Manhattan’s West Side has historically been a mixed-use, mixed-income community that includes immigrants, artists, civil servants, families, individuals and middle-class New Yorkers of all types. The neighborhoods of Chelsea, Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen and the Upper West Side have fought numerous battles over many decades to preserve their neighborhood character and defend West Side residents from inappropriate development; our organization hopes to continue and strengthen a long tradition of West Siders advocating for ourselves and our neighbors.

The Neighborhood Alliance was formed in the aftermath of the community’s successful battle against the proposed West Side Stadium. Dozens of community members working on campaigns for affordable housing and an improved quality of life joined together to launch the West Side Neighborhood Alliance, hoping to strengthen our existing campaigns and build an organization that can tackle the issues West Siders will face in the years to come.

The West Side Neighborhood Alliance employs tactics including education, lobbying, and public demonstrations to organize neighborhood residents and advocate for our community’s needs. We work with our neighbors to identify important issues facing the West Side and we communicate with public officials, media and members of the community to resolve our concerns.

Working together, we can preserve the best qualities of our neighborhood and guarantee that future development serves the needs of all West Side residents. We invite all West Siders to join the Alliance and help us fight for a diverse, affordable, and livable neighborhood. Just click here!

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