Opposition Sparked Over Possible Hell’s Kitchen Location For Port Authority’s $10B Bus Depot

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April 21, 2016 by westsideneighborhoodalliance

Port Authority Bus Terminal.jpg

With the decision for the design competition tentatively set for September, the Port Authority’s New Bus Terminal project will be breaking ground sooner than we think. This past Monday, at Metro Baptist Church, residents, members of WSNA and other community groups, as well as local elected officials got their first chance to voice their questions and concerns to representatives of Port Authority at a town hall meeting. With standing room only, the overwhelming turnout to the meeting shows that many are apprehensive over the possible displacement of residents and business owners should eminent domain be used to take over land between 9th & 11th Avenues, from 39th St. to 41st St. for the new bus terminal. Also, concerns were raised regarding the increase of traffic on 9th Avenue (which is already gridlock because it’s the approach to the Lincoln Tunnel) on account of a relocated bus terminal would be using it as a pick up/drop off  street, like 8th Avenue is currently used. Various other concerns were brought up as well at the meeting. This short piece in The Real Deal covers the topic nicely, touching on the town hall meeting as well.

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