Private Development Planned on NYCHA Housing Developments

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March 29, 2016 by westsideneighborhoodalliance


This article from Gothamist covers what will be sure to be the topic of many more articles; private residential development on NYCHA property. Although since the time this article ran (October ’15) this plan to allow private development on NYCHA land has been fully approved by the powers that be. Due to the lack of funding for public housing over the past 30 years, from both the federal and state government, and also due to the severe mismanagement within NYCHA itself, there will now be private residential development at NYCHA housing developments.

This article goes into the case of the Holmes Houses, and how private developers will be able to build market-rate and luxury housing on the property. Private residential development is also planned for Brooklyn’s Wyckoff Gardens public housing development. With few options available (federal/state not funding anything public housing related, NYCHA refusing to remedy mismanagement issues), this plan is looked at as a potentially rewarding decision that NYCHA can use to get badly needed funds to address their $30 million budget deficit and to make repairs at their crumbling buildings throughout NYC. However, besides addressing the dollars and cents of implementing this plan to open NYCHA property up to real estate developers, there are many more equal, if not more important issues that aren’t being looked at when it comes to the big picture. For example, what happens when this influx of more wealthy residents move in? What will happen to the stores and businesses that residents of the housing projects can currently afford to shop in? Will these residents lose their affordable stores when the new residents draw in higher-end businesses that can afford to pay more for commercial space than the stores that are currently serving the NYCHA residents? What effect with this have on the infrastructure and transportation systems that serve the neighborhood? What do you think of these plans? What issues do you see not addressed by these plans?

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