City Calls Foul On Airbnb, Demands More Data, Reform

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March 10, 2016 by westsideneighborhoodalliance

No Airbnb

Illegal hotels continue to be a scourge on the residents of New York City, and Airbnb plays a major part in this problem. Recent data released by Airbnb, in it’s attempt to be more transparent, just brought more questions and suspicion to this company that’s part of the “sharing economy” as the company’s mouthpieces like to call it. It was revealed that Airbnb purged over 1,000 listings from the data before turning it over to city officials, despite previous insistence from Airbnb that it “wasn’t feasible or even possible” to know which listings were breaking city laws. Here at West Side Neighborhood Alliance (WSNA), we have been working hard for over 9 years to bring more enforcement, penalties, and strategies to stop illegal hotels and and their sneaky middleman, Airbnb. Read this recent New York Daily News article which goes into more detail regarding Airbnb’s less-than-honest data release.

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