‘Want to clean up Albany? Get the landlords out!’

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October 20, 2014 by westsideneighborhoodalliance

“When Bill de Blasio accepted the endorsement of the Tenants Political Action Committee in front of Stuyvesant Town during last year’s mayoral campaign, he pledged he would fight to regain New York City control over our rent and eviction laws in the same way outgoing mayor Michael Bloomberg had fought for mayoral control over schools,” Kenny Schaeffer wrote last week.

Kenny Schaeffer, Vice Chair of the Met Council on Housing, is a housing attorney with The Legal Aid Society and a long-time advocate of home rule.

“With the state’s rent-stabilization law set to expire June 15, and the campaign to renew and strengthen them well under way, the issue of restoring the city’s home rule has been drawing increasing attention,” Schaeffer wrote.

“The home rule issue is not a distraction, it is both the explanation of how New York City’s housing crisis got so bad, and the simplest solution,” he continued. “It is the lack of home rule which has enabled the state to carve so many holes out of tenant protections, and restoring it would be the most effective—and most democratic—way to fix them.”

To learn more about home rule, read the full article here.

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