NY Daily News: ‘De Blasio administration files first lawsuit against apartments operating as illegal hotels through sites like Airbnb’

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October 19, 2014 by westsideneighborhoodalliance

On Oct. 17, the New York Daily News reported that the de Blasio administration has filed its first lawsuit against apartments operating as illegal hotels.

“The city has been granted a preliminary injunction against the owners of two residential buildings in Manhattan, where investigators claim units were rented out by the night on apartment-sharing websites like and were violating fire and building code violations,” the Daily News reported. “In New York City, it is illegal to rent out an apartment for fewer than 30 consecutive days — though it’s being done all over the city through Airbnb and other apartment-sharing sites.”

Airbnb injunction

The 5 W. 31st St. building (pictured) is one of two properties owned by brothers Hamid Kermanshah and Abdolmajid Kermanshah, who were both granted a preliminary injunction for renting out units on sites such as Airbnb.

Until now, Mayor de Blasio has shied from taking a strong stand on the controversy surrounding Airbnb. Growing pressure appears to have forced de Blasio to ramp up efforts to crack down on rentals that violate the law.

The announcement comes right on the heels of a report released by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman which found that over 70% of rentals on Airbnb were illegal.

Click here to read the original story from NY Daily News.

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