Harassment Bill Passes City Council


March 10, 2008 by westsideneighborhoodalliance

After a long fight by tenants and their allies against a well-funded landlord lobby, the New York City Council passed the Tenant Protection Act, an important new law that will give tenants the right to seek redress in housing court if their landlord are harassing them.

The law is especially important here on the West Side, where some unscrupulous landlords are deliberately harassing rent-stabilized and rent-controlled tenants to force them out of their apartments, then bringing in higher-paying tenants to replace them.

WSNA extends a special congratulations to City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who is also one of our local representatives–Speaker Quinn stood up for a good bill even after the landlords fought against it.

Come celebrate the harassment bill as Mayor Bloomberg signs it into law! We are gathering for a press conference on the steps of City Hall at 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 13th, followed by a tenant party across the street.

If you can make it, please RSVP to Lucas at or 212-716-1664.


One thought on “Harassment Bill Passes City Council

  1. Aline Bringmann says:

    I’m living for 34 yrs in my appartement.
    I’m living with my son who has CF.He receve SSI. MY rent is paid each 1st of the month, by my bank.
    I’m living in a railroad Big studio appartement, and for now 6 yrs I do not have light in the first part of my appartement(where my son sleep), In the back part in the ceiling , I have a big shank of the ceiling who falled down due to a leak of a radiator upstairs( You could see the wood from the ceiling). I do not have any buzzer for 7 yrs and I need it for emergengy! my son also receive Medecine through the mail, and I have to run to UPS each time! the light in my kitchen isholding by a just a electric cordand is a fire hazard!(an inpector told me so)

    I try to contact my landord many times, no avail! I’m curently going to court downtown, and the judge alraydy find 18o00$ becaucause he does not show up, notr even bother to pick up the certified mails that I adress him!

    I’m waiting again BUT what should I do next???

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