Free energy-efficient lightbulbs for your apartment!


February 5, 2008 by westsideneighborhoodalliance

Want to save money AND do something for the environment?

A company named Public Energy Solutions (PES) has partnered with the West Side Neighborhood Alliance, Housing Conservation Coordinators, and tenant associations in our community to install FREE compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) in apartments in targeted zip codes. Public Energy Solutions, under contract with Con Edison, will install energy-efficient bulbs in any permanent fixture in our building that currently uses incandescent bulbs (does not include plug load fixtures such as desk or floor lamps).

The benefits:

  • Energy-efficient bulbs use 80% less electricity, saving $$$ on utility bills.
  • PES will replace light bulbs in all your permanent fixtures for FREE.
  • Reduce global warming and help NYC go green!

Public Energy Solutions will collect info from tenants in the building, submit it to Con Edison for approval, then schedule a time to come remove the old bulbs and install the new compact fluorescent bulbs at no cost to you. PES will need your 15 digit Con Edison account number.

Click here for flyers to circulate in your building.


Michael Fredericksen at Public Energy Solutions at / 516-509-1401

The West Side Neighborhood Alliance is committed to greening our city and improving the quality of life on the West Side. If you want to get involved in our Clean Air/Quality of Life committee, contact us at / 212-716-1664.


One thought on “Free energy-efficient lightbulbs for your apartment!

  1. maxine Bender says:

    Please contact me – qwould love to participate in this program!

    thank you

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