WSNA Takes on the West Side Rail Yards!

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October 9, 2007 by westsideneighborhoodalliance

Rail Yards protestTwo years ago, many of our members worked together to defeat the West Side Stadium.

Today, the stadium is dead (thanks, Speaker Silver!) but we’re still worried about the future of that land. Will it include affordable housing for neighborhood residents? Will it have parkland that we can really use? Or will it be a gated community for super-wealthy people, like some other new developments around town?

The first step toward good development is public participation. So why won’t the MTA share the details of the different bids they’re receiving for the site? With three square blocks of waterfront development at stake, it’s too important to keep secret.

Click here to read WSNA’s letter to the MTA demanding an open process for the Rail Yards. And click here to find more information on the Community Board 4 web site.

Want to get involved in our campaign for the West Side Rail Yards? If so, contact Lucas Shapiro at 212-716-1664 /


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