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WSNA CAMPAIGNS… Get involved!


All over the city, landlords are illegally renting out residential units to tourists for short-term stays. These illegal hotels jeopardize our safety by introducing strangers into our buildings, lead to harassment as landlords push people out to convert their apartments into hotel rooms, and decrease the already threatened affordable housing stock in our city. WSNA is fighting for harsher penalties for landlords who break the law this way and for an updated zoning code that keeps hotels out of residential buildings.


11th Avenue could be a source of permanent affordable housing and community-friendly development…or, if we’re not careful, it could be a nightmare zone of nightclubs and hotels that do nothing for our neighborhood. WSNA is working with the Community Board and the City Planning department on a rezoning that will protect the 11th Avenue corridor for years into the future.


After many of our members worked hard to defeat the proposed stadium on the West Side Rail Yards, WSNA is making sure that local residents’ voices play a big role in planning the future of that land. Our Rail Yards campaign is working to guarantee that the yards are developed appropriately and contextually – with permanently affordable housing, reasonable building heights, and public open space that truly serves the community.


WSNA’s Clean Air and Quality of Life campaign works to reduce the effect of air pollution and other threats to our health in our neighborhood. We have fought against the practice of buses idling near our children’s schools, supported the Mayor’s congestion pricing initiative and worked to minimize the incidence of asthma in our communities. We support a host of green initiatives and fight for improved public transit to counter traffic congestion.   Click here for our bilingual educational flier about idling and our “no-idling” pledge cards for drivers.


Our Spanish-language “WSNA en Español” campaign empowers Spanish-speakers on the West Side to get involved in the decisions that affect their lives. We connect Spanish-speaking residents with WSNA’s affordable housing campaigns and other issues that affect neighborhood residents, and we work to guarantee that the thousands of West Siders who primarily speak Spanish have a voice in pressing community affairs.


WSNA is an active participant in the Real Rent Reform campaign, which is fighting for just, pro-tenant legislation at the state level in Albany. This campaign seeks to repeal vacancy decontrol which is diminishing our city’s affordable housing stock, reinstate home rule in New York City by repealing the regressive Urstadt Law, save affordable housing units in expiring Mitchell-Lama and Section 8 buildings by putting them under rent stabilization, and reforming the Rent Guidelines Board so that it is accountable to tenants. We know that good laws are key to stopping the loss of affordable housing in the city and protecting our neighborhoods from experiencing runaway rent increases.

PS. 51

The city has promised to develop 600 units of permanently affordable housing on the P.S. 51 site, on the block between West 44th and 45th Streets between 10th and 11th Avenues, and WSNA is pushing to make sure the apartments really get built. This campaign is also working to ensure that we get a new P.S. 51 building that will really serve neighborhood children—our kids will learn better in modern classrooms, not overcrowded hallways in a 100-year-old schoolhouse!

To get involved or find out more… please contact us at 212-716-1664 or via email at mklein@hcc-nyc.org

One thought on “Our Campaigns

  1. larry grossberg says:

    Hi, fortuitously, an older women at the bank (Inga) this afternoon gave me the name of your organization, and said she believerd you can help us. We are a building located in Hells Kitchen and house about 300 families and the management abruptly closed our sun deck after it was in operation for over 45 years (as a leisure amenity for excercise, reading and sunning).

    They have tried to cut services all the time, but this one has us incensed. What we need is some assitance from your legal team on how to be very effective in having them return this service before the summer season starts.
    I am a senior citizen and this sun deck provided a safe place for me, so I wouldn’t have to travel to another remote area for excercise. We have dozens of seniors and a substantil number of tenants ready to sign petitions and fight back.

    Can I make an appointment to come in too see one of your advisors who can be helpful in this plight.

    Thank you, Larry

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